Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photos finally

Most of my photos I will post at www.flickr.com. You will find a search window; click on people; enter rdlurie, and you should find my photos. There's also a link to Tia's photos in Chile. Also, my email address is rdlurie@yahoo.com, if another way of communicating is desired. My address in Ecuador, via the Peace Corps, is Roger D. Lurie (PCT) Cuerpo de Paz - Casilla 17-08-8624, Quito, Ecuador, South America. Letters, news clippings from Ohio, photos, etc, all are welcome. On Wednesday we leave for a 10 day technical trip through the Sierras - should be interesting. Swearing in as an official volunteer is April 20 - right around the corner.



Anonymous said...

Great photos! It took some doing to see the ones you have on flickr for some reason, but I finally got to your page there.

Got a half dozen different wild flowers coming up now. The woods are becoming green again!


Anonymous said...

great fotos dad!!! so nice to see where you are! being home is different... but good. i am aiming for a june 08 graduation... i have a couple meetings this week to figure that out. and then it is back to south america!!!!!
miss you sooooo.