Friday, March 2, 2007


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Okay - still trying to figure out the photo thing. I really miss my Macintosh right about now! If this works I will try to post more on Sunday. This photo is part of our group on the farm I described


Anonymous said...

Hey Roger...I'm a friend of Ken's and I think it's great that you are doing this! I have ridden on the Pan Am "Highway" in Nicaragua in a huge bus...who needs roller coasters? Good luck and keep the entries coming!
Virginia Sperry

Anonymous said...


Great photo!

Just an FYI...we will be traveling on part of the Pan Am Hwy in Mex. We have also been on it in Argentina and it ain't any better in either of those places! :o)

How is the cafe down there? Is it better than a 79 cent cup from UDF?

Will any of us up north be able to mail you a care package when you get settled in?

Had a Frish's Big Boy and fries last night for dinner... :o)