Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Links I keep forgetting to mention

of course there's a million of them; here's just two:

www. - just what you would expect - news about ecuador and tons of great photos

on the road/baltimore

The house closing on Friday 1-26 went well - I left Dayton, made some brief stops in Yellow Springs, and hit the road in a jam packed Subaru around 4 PM. Leaving behind a quarter century of life! I avoided the interstate and took Rts.35 and 50 to Parkersburg WV where I spent the night in an Econolodge. A pleasant drive, through familiar and friendly country - there's a particular stretch of Rt. 50 between Chillicothe and MacArthur that bisects some of the loveliest scenery in the state, a welcoming combination of hillsides, pasture, and settlement.
The next day I meandered off to Elkins WV to spend a night of full blown debauchery with old and new friends and then set out Sunday for the last leg to Baltimore, and the Subaru delivered me - though most definitely on it's last legs.
Missing in the equation is Nico, who found a wonderful home in Dayton at the very last minute. It was odd to travel without her, but I'm pleased as can be about her new home and family.
So now, a few days in Baltimore, a short trip to NYC to see Anna, and then off to DC on Monday, where we will have 2 days of staging events with our Ecuador group (46 people - I'm the old geezer in the bunch) and on Wednesday we will fly to Quito. From Quito we will head North to Cayambe, where we will spend 10 to 12 weeks in training before our assignments.
Next post, I suppose, will be from somewhere in Ecuador.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Photos of Henry St.

Some pix of the house on Henry Street that I have been rehabbing for the past year plus - except for 4 months off following my cervical spine surgery. Both pix are from summer - in the background of the interior pic - where the chopsaw is - is now finished out as a new kitchen - and the flooring is all done and paint colors were finally chosen. It's been a good project, and my buyer is getting a sweet little house at a great price.

Closing up shop

Whew - the reality has finally hit me - in one week I should be totally cleared out of the house and finished with closing. Lots of stuff still to get rid of - and lots of folks coming by this weekend (my last in Ohio?) to lay claim to dribs and drabs of furniture, to buy tools and ladders and the canoe, drink some beer, and score whatever freebies (most everything) I have lying around. Then on Monday my brothers Ken, and perhaps David, show up to help me haul the remainders of furnishings, clothing and building supplies to Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity -- and whatever I'm keeping for down the road they will take back to Baltimore for storage in David's nice dry basement. Clearing out like this has been a fantasy of mine for quite awhile - although it has been painful to let go of most of my books. Most everything else has felt expendable. And Nico - my constant companion since May of 2003 - what would I have done without her? - will most likely be off to Baltimore to live with her human Uncle Ken, her canine cousins Max & Thor, and the omnipresent ghost of Badger.

If things go as planned (yes, just cursed myself) I will close Friday morning the 26th, take my check straight to the Credit Union to deposit, say goodbye to Dayton and Yellow Springs and hit the road to Baltimore via Elkins WV where I'll visit old friends for a night or two. My son Joey has little hope that my '91 Subaru (238K) will stand the trip, but I have complete faith in her. No doubts whatsoever . . . about anything.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Jan 2 2007

OK my first blog. Practice for my upcoming trip
How's it look so far? Eventually i will be posting about my Peace Corps experience in Ecuador, beginning with my staging event February 6, 2007. I think somewhere along the line I'm supposed to mention that any comments and observations made here are mine and mine alone, and do not reflect in any way on Peace Corps policies or standards. Oh, here's how it's supposed to go: This site expresses the views of Roger Lurie who is entirely responsible for it's content. It does not express the views of the US Peace Corps or any other organization. I will be serving in Ecuador for 27 months - approximately 3 months of training, then 2 years of service. My program is sustainable agriculture, and my job title is applied agriculture science, which I don't think automatically makes me a scientist. Some areas of work I may be involved in include greenhouse construction and management; introduce alternative, organic methods of food production; increase the number of value added products; implement demonstration plots; promote cooperative marketing systems, just to name a few. I will also have the opportunity to create secondary projects, such as teaching English, starting a library, reforestation projects, and the like.
Peace Corps has been an invited guest of Ecuador since 1962, and more than 5500 Volunteers have served there. I will be a member of the 97th group of trainees to work in Ecuador. I am very proud, very happy, and very excited to be among them.
I will attempt to post to this blog anytime I feel I have something interesting to say, or have photos to share. If any one cares to read, I hope they enjoy, and please feel free to add comments or questions.