Thursday, April 5, 2007

San Bernardo kids

more kids in San Bernardo
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Tomorrow´s Good Friday and the last day of the tech trip - we,ve seen alot and learned alot. There have been a few minor eruptions of vulcan Tungurahua which dusted Riobamba with ash and sent many of the locals searching for dust masks. We´visited some incredible farms and met whole village fulls of great people - especially in San Bernardo which is as close to paradise as I´ll ever get. We´ve learned some of the troubles of the marketing system here, and we´ve also learned of the endless capabilities and potentials of the land and the people. From researchers in Riobamba experimenting with beneficial soil bacterias and fungi to the hillside farmer creating a microclimate at 10000 feet to grow tropical fruits and vegetables it´s been an inspirational and rewarding 10 days.
I´m posting more photos to, and hope to add more about the trip in the next couple of days. Ciao.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
I've enjoyed reading your blog...Takes me back to my PC days and world long ago! You're having some great adventures! Jay and I are heading back east soon as part of my big forty-ten birthday celebration. We have reservations at Tersiguels on the 21st!! We're looking forward to it! Take care and keep the updates and photos coming! 'til later... Love,

dlcurren said...

You know Peggy, the PC is looking for people like you.

dlcurren said...

I'm curious - have you ever read the books, Living Poor, or, The Making of an UnAmerican? They are about PCV's experiences in Ecuador in the mid sixties. I would be fascinated to know the differences (if any) between then and now.