Wednesday, January 31, 2007

on the road/baltimore

The house closing on Friday 1-26 went well - I left Dayton, made some brief stops in Yellow Springs, and hit the road in a jam packed Subaru around 4 PM. Leaving behind a quarter century of life! I avoided the interstate and took Rts.35 and 50 to Parkersburg WV where I spent the night in an Econolodge. A pleasant drive, through familiar and friendly country - there's a particular stretch of Rt. 50 between Chillicothe and MacArthur that bisects some of the loveliest scenery in the state, a welcoming combination of hillsides, pasture, and settlement.
The next day I meandered off to Elkins WV to spend a night of full blown debauchery with old and new friends and then set out Sunday for the last leg to Baltimore, and the Subaru delivered me - though most definitely on it's last legs.
Missing in the equation is Nico, who found a wonderful home in Dayton at the very last minute. It was odd to travel without her, but I'm pleased as can be about her new home and family.
So now, a few days in Baltimore, a short trip to NYC to see Anna, and then off to DC on Monday, where we will have 2 days of staging events with our Ecuador group (46 people - I'm the old geezer in the bunch) and on Wednesday we will fly to Quito. From Quito we will head North to Cayambe, where we will spend 10 to 12 weeks in training before our assignments.
Next post, I suppose, will be from somewhere in Ecuador.


YellowSpringsNick said...

Hey Roger..finally found your blog..I hope your doing well. your missed around here, but glad that you are doing,wayno and holly are going to see Mr.Richard Buckner down at the Southgate house in two weeks..We'll be thinking about to you soon

Sande said...

Yo Roger, I'm hoping no blog is good news, meaning you're FAR too absorbed in the process to be sitting at a computer filling us all in on the details. Good for you! I think of you always and wish you better than the best in this grand adventure. I'm absorbed too, with 3 tests next week and a poetry workshop today. "The Very Short Poem," because it's a very short workshop, I suppose. If I come up with anything good, I'll send it along. Ha! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well on your adventure!!!
Come back for more debauch in Elkins...