Thursday, October 4, 2007

In Misahuali

In Misahuali
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My friends Colin and Lori from Ohio just spent a bit more than a week here, we started out with 4 days in the Sierra highlands hiking Laguna Quilotoa, and then spent a few days in El Oriente, enjoying the heat and the humidity. While we were having a beer in Misahuali we were joined by a few of the monkeys who wander around the town square. I will post more about the trip later, there are lots of photos at the flickr link.


Anonymous said...

For those that are on the fence about a visit (Roger claims that Lori & I are two of the only three folks that read this blog. The other being a Peace corp person in Latacunga. I am sure that thousands actually read this blog)Anyway, back to the subject at hand...YOU NEED TO VISIT! It is absolutely wonderful and filled with great people. It was just simply great to see Roger again and we hope that this will not be our last trip to Ecuador. Roger, if there is cold beer then "it's all good!"

Thanks again for a fantastic time buddy!

Colin & Lori

Tia said...

I read the blog too dad. Come on give me some credit.
Te quiero muuucho