Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lagunas Mojanda

Lagunas Mojanda
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I´ve been trying to get to Lagunas Mojandas since March, and it was worth the wait. A nice hostal called La Luna is nearby, and a few of us PC types went up for the night, and then a day of hiking. Some more photos at flickr link


Anonymous said...

good stuff rodger! - Jay V

Anonymous said...

I'll take a case of whatever you said was good!

On a trip out to colorado many years ago we stopped in for a tour of the coors brewery (just one of our many trips that seem to have a brewery or distillery imbedded somewhere...). There was a huge wide line of empty coors beer cans moving down the line to get filled & right up against them was a huge line of keystone beer cans, also waiting to be filled. I asked our guide what why were the two beer brands up together? His reply was simply this..." they were the exact same beer with only the dollar amount in advertising and the name on the can making them different."
Coors mismo de keystone mismo de coors. so half the price for the same beer, go figure.

I have waited with bated breath for your beer post and I was not dissapointed!

Nos vemos!
PS: Paul L. says hello... :o)