Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I keep reminding myself - tranquilo - no problema - relax. There is a way of being here that will be good for me to adapt to. And yes, I do feel pretty relaxed, and I certainly know that I am not here to save the world, as if I could. I will consider it a victory perhaps, to save myself. This past week has been one of incredible extremes - of course this country, this tiny nation, still forming in so many ways, is a place of extremes. There is a staggering amount of wealth, and an even greater amount of poverty. Sometimes it is impossible to tell one reality from another. Following an indigenous family down the street, wondering where they live, what they do, how they survive, admiring their beautiful clothing and their strange little hats with peacock feathers tucked in the bands and strings of gold and silver beads and everything else that is mysterious and ancient about them; then watch, awestruck, as they load themselves into a 4WD SUV, nearly brand new and certainly 30 thousand dollars worth of automobile. So what does that mean? Yes that I´m quick to peg a situation, but maybe also that all bets are off, maybe it means that nothing, absolutely nothing, is as it appears.
Although my Spanish is steadily improving, there is a constant disconnect between what I thought I understood and what was really meant. I talked to an Ecuadorean friend and she said that even Ecuapeople have that same problem, the same disconnects. She said it teaches one to be very patient - and indeed in this country, people are very very patient. When´s the last time anyone reading this waited in line at the bank for 2 hours, or more? Sat on a bus going no where for 30 minutes while the driver jumps off to go talk with an old amigo for a little while? Tranquilo Tranquilo Tranquilo.
Spent the night in Quito last Thursday, went out to dinner with friends from PC and some of us went to a great jazz club called El Pobre Diablo and heard some excellent music. It kind of felt like being in Manhattan, exposed beams and brick, framed posters on the wall, a few berets and ponytails here and there. It was fun.
Also fun is my work on the farm. I have negotiated about a half acre on which I can experiment with organic methods as well as non traditional crops. I have started compost piles and the construction of planting beds. Cleaned out the greenhouse and have started basil, peppers, marigolds, and lettuce. Although there are succesful organic farms in Ecuador, none of them seem to be here in the northern sector. My campañeros scoff at my chances of success, and I´m not even sure what that word means within the context of my Peace Corps experience. In my own mind, I will consider my venture successful if a few people get the idea that soil health is a rather important part of good farming.
The weather has been beautiful, last night was clear and I saw loads of stars which so far has been a rare experience, since most nights seem to be rather cloudy. Next time I post I hope to have very important information regarding the price of beer here, complete with photos and taste tests. Ciao


Anonymous said...

What?You havent paid for your own beer yet? you must be muy muy populare!!! Can you have philosophic conversations in spanish? At what altitude are you? maybe you said....
I knowthe pc motto used to be "be flexible" i guess "be patient" would be it too. I wish you good luck with your plot. 1/2 acre sounds like an awful lot to a non-gardener like me. My mom didnt get me much into gardening in her lifetime. She died in february, i dont suppose i told you. She was ready, after a few years of decreasing energy. And she went out eating lots of chocolate and ice cream and she was at home, so i guess you cant do better than that. i am sure she would have liked to hear about your gardening adventures, but so would we all, so keep the news coming, and dont forget to keep sober enuf to know what the beer costs. andy

RoadWarrior said...

Hey Roger, Eve and I were just checking out the blog. It's been a while. Glad to hear that things are going well. Got another postcard yesterday. Miles was very interested. Emma is up at Kiser Lake for the OG campout.
We are preparing for our big cross country trip that departs next Tuesday. Inspired by you we created a blog of our own at http:\\sturmfamilyvacation.blogspot.com
Lookin forward to your beer report!