Friday, February 23, 2007


hello all - sorry to say I have about 2 minutes before jumping on a bus to La Esperanza! also sorry that I am having problems with my camera and posting photos!! Shit! Anyway - all goes well - PC is keeping us running with language an tech trainings - to morrow we leave for a four day trip to the coast which should be great. Yesterday we visited a local farm and dug planting beds and prepared seedbeds using local tools and lots of hard labor. Everything is going well - Lorka and Carl I miss N_ico, hope alls well with her and you all. To everyone who has posted a comment - thanks - knowing that you are checking on me is good and will prompt me to figure this blogging thing a little better.
Wish I had more time to fill you in on the details - food language GI tract scenery etcetera suffice it to say it´s all good



Colin & Lori and the farm animales said...

Sounds like you need a beer my friend! We are getting freezing rain right now. I am watching COPS, lori is asking for another glass of red wine. So things are typical here for a saturday night.

I can't wait to see some images once you are able to post them. Now go and have a beer or two and take notes for us on the planting stuff. Lord knows we need some serious help with our garden if our tomatoes were any indication last year... :o)

Glad you are getting accustomed to the day to day life down there. Prof Larmeau would be proud...hahaha!

Nos Vemos...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how your trip to the coast was. As you know ... by the ocean is my favorite place.

Thinking of you,